Twitch platformer N++ now has a release date for Playstation 4, announced by Metanet Software on the Playstation blog today. The game will launch on July 29, with a two week PS+ launch discount of 20%.

A new trailer unveiling gameplay and the release date shows off what players will see when the game hits consoles, featuring 2360 levels in total, and an in game level editor for even more new levels. These levels span three main modes: solo, co-op and race.

The three person team has worked on the game for the last two and a half years, confident with the level of quality and fun they have achieved, as they stated in their blog post.

“I can tell you with complete and enthusiastic confidence, N++ is the masterpiece we set out to make. It has turned out even better than we expected it to, and partly because of the N++ beta we ran over the past few weeks.”

It’s also interesting to note that the launch price is going to be the cheapest the game will be, with a price increase coming in the lead up to a major update which will “effectively double the size of the game”. More info on that is going to be announced soon, but until then it seems like there’s no better time to grab the game!