Natural Selection

It’s becoming quite common that players love games that will destroy them mentally and physically these days – think Dark Souls and I can see why when many games aren’t quite challenging as they used to be. Well you thrill seekers are in luck because Kadokawa Games, the same company that owns From Software have another soul-crushing title for you with Natural Doctrine.

I was fortunate enough to check out this game on the PlayStation 3 but it’s also coming out on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. The game will be cross-platform as well (incredible) so you can verse your friends even if they bought the game on a different platform than you. When I sat down, I was overwhelmed with the amount of things to learn in such a small time. The training was quite in-depth however teaching you basically everything about the game. However, it does throw you in the deep in quickly and you”ll face challenges straight away.


Natural Doctrine is a RPG that works on strategy turn-based combat but it’s more than just choosing your attacks and directing it towards your opponent. It reminds me of a digital board game like Dungeons and Dragons with a Dark Souls kinda difficulty over it. You’ll need to find the right placement of characters within the square – linking them up for combined incentives as well as learning about enemy. It’s quite a deep strategy game and will make you think twice about the moves you do and how you attack. Rush a character in too far and prepare to get ambushed.


The game is no doubt quite tough and will force you to re-think strategy and how you went wrong. Whenever I thought I had a grip on the difficulty, the game throws you into a ball-pit of terror when enemies start flanking and huge boss-like creatures appear and take basically no damage. Natural Doctrine is the type of game I would definitely get for the PlayStation Vita because of it’s try again later gameplay. With it being portable, I can always easily come back to it for another attempt at defeating the level.

I’ve only had a short time with Natural Doctrine and played through the tutorial and two other levels where I got smoked real bad. From what I’ve played, it’s quite an in-depth and challenging RPG and I look forward to it’s release. The game arrives in Australia on the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita on October 3rd 2014.