The competitive scene for Heroes of the Storm here in Australia and New Zealand is lacking consistent activity as of yet, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to keep up with some of the best teams in the world. Negative Synergy have proven themselves to be the best team in the region, and will be representing ANZ when they go over to Korea to compete in the HotS Spring Global Championship.

I was able to have a quick chat with the team as they prepare to go toe to toe with international powerhouses such as Team Dignitas, Cloud9, and MVP Black. Even though the team is heading into the event with modest ambitions, they’re confident that their individual skill and team synergy should be able to pick up some valuable wins.

Negative Synergy brought together five of the most experienced Heroes of the Storm players in Australia. Robadobah and Sashin competed in North America last year as a part of the then ANZ representative Team Immunity White, with Daspurtz on the sister team Team Immunity Black. Benjamin94 and Ninja made an attempt for the top spot in ANZ when playing for Exile5, but after the roster shuffling at the end of 2015, they were brought in to play alongside the ex-Immunity boys.

When it came to the ANZ regional qualifiers, all five players on Negative Synergy felt confident that they were the best at their role in the region, with competitive experience and strong team coordination to back that up. It was hard to deny their strength as they went through all of the first preliminary qualifier without dropping a single game, and then went on to secure their trip to Korea by taking out the up and coming team Fresh in the grand finals.

Despite the dominant regional results though, the team recognises that with the state of the ANZ scene right now, it’s going to be an uphill battle should they be matched up against teams from the more established regions.

“After playing in ANZ for such a long time we are used to teams not playing to their full potential, so when we go up against the best teams in the world we need to know what they can do, and what we have to do to avoid it.”

They also acknowledge that without all that much depth to the ANZ scene, they’ll need to be looking towards other regions for ways to improve. “We’ve been watching all the qualifiers that have been going on, and are looking to hopefully start scrimming some SEA teams and possibly some US teams.” It was mentioned that in the lead up to the regional qualifiers there were a lot of local teams that they could practice with, but for the increased challenge they’re going to face, they feel they’re going to need stronger training partners than what can be found locally.

I asked the team for some of their thoughts about the upcoming event, and where their confidence is at heading into it. “We are hoping to at least beat out the other smaller regions, such as Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and South America.” There is an understanding that the more established regions are going to be difficult to beat, and so Negative Synergy are looking to use this first big event of the year as a learning experience, and to bring what they learn back to help out our scene.

The Heroes of the Storm Spring Global Championship will be taking place on April 1-3, in Seoul, South Korea. There will be 12 teams from around the world attending, with Negative Synergy being the representative for Australia and New Zealand. Find out more information the championship here.