Epic Games has revealed a new hero, Kwang, for their MOBA Paragon.

Kwang, a master swordsman, can “utilise his Legendary Blade to change how and where he uses his abilities.”

Here’s a list of Kwang’s abilities:

  • Light of the Heavens – Beams of light strike Kwang’s sword, dealing AoE damage around it and giving him Physical and Energy armour.
  • Judgement of the Heavens – Kwang throws his sword to the heavens. When it lands, it deals damage and tethers enemies to it. The sword remains planted in the ground forever, until re-triggered or the next basic attack.
  • Gift of the Heavens – Passive: Kwang’s sword bursts with light, creating an aura around it that grants life-steal to both Kwang and allies around him.
  • Fury of the Heavens – Kwang spins his blade around him in an AoE, damaging and slowing enemies. If his sword has been thrown and is out in the world he will teleport to it before attacking.

Kwang will be available to play on Tuesday, October 4.

Paragon is currently in Free Open Beta, as well, and Kwang will be available to play for free when he launches next Tuesday.