Microsoft has released a new controller update for members of the Xbox Preview Program that offers stability improvements alongside Quick Connect, which beats out the controller’s original connection time of 4 – 5 seconds, with it now said to connect within 2 seconds.

For those in the Preview Program unaware of how to update your controller’s firmware, here’s how to do it:

  • Connect a controller to the Xbox One via a USB cable.
  • Connect to Xbox Live.
  • Go to Settings > Devices & Accessories and select the controller.
  • Select Update to download the new firmware to the controller, the screen will show the ‘Updating Controller’ progress screen.
  • After all is finished, you’ll see a ‘Controller Updated’ screen, press ‘B’ to go back.
  • Reselect the controller, the new firmware version should be: 1.2.2236.0.

There’s no word on when to expect this controller update to hit the public, but it’ll most likely be soon.