Those a part of the Xbox One Preview Program will be able to check out the major system update for the Xbox One from today, Microsoft have confirmed.

Detailed via Xbox Wire, the update will see a plethora of features and upgrades make their way to the Xbox One, with the focus on the simplicity of Windows 10 at the backbone of the new update.

Vertical scrolling, a rearranged interface, and one-click access to Game Hubs are among the new improvements included in the Xbox One’s redesigned home interface, with Games and Apps now sitting at the bottom of the home screen. Additionally, accessing your personalised pins is mapped to a tap of the right trigger, whereas the left trigger will take you back to the most recently played game or app.

To access the new Guide from Home, you can press left or double tap the Xbox button on your controller — this will overlay the Guide which will give you access to Friends and Parties, your notifications, messages, settings, and the snap feature.

OneGuide is featured at the right of Home, and will house all of your TV, movies, and video apps. Included in this will be Live TV, Movies and TV Shows (which is a dedicated gallery area highlighting what Xbox has to offer from live TV and its apps), and App channels, a curated platform showcasing video from apps like Hulu and Fox Now.

Games, Movies and TV, Apps, and Music now have more real estate on the main Store page as well, allowing you to find top content without the necessity to search every time you’re after something. Also included in the Store area is a new vertical gallery view as well, which will showcase more listings that are optimised for easier browsing.

Game DVR will have its own dedicated app this time around too, with Achievements viewable on your profile and the Game Hub as well as the dedicated app.

The new Xbox One update is set to launch to the public in November, with preview program members able to make use of it over the next week as it’s rolled out in waves.