Eurogamer has reported that the upcoming Nintendo NX is a portable console that features detachable controllers making it a hybrid setup with its own display.

The rumored Nintendo NX setup looks like a hybrid portable console. Featuring its own display, you can play it like a Nintendo 3DS on the move. The screen however is book-ended with two controllers on each side which can be attached or detached – interesting. The NX will also feature a base unit/docking station which you can attached to a TV for living room gaming.


It’s also reported that the Nintendo NX will be powered by NVIDIA’s mobile Tegra X1 processor. If this is true, graphics can be expected between the Wii U and Xbox One. NVIDIA already has a portable gaming android unit called the Shield which will brilliant has been very limited to Android titles. It won’t be surprising to see NVIDIA and Nintendo team up considering AMD owns a big console market share currently.

The console will also use game cartridges as the choice of media which isn’t surprising considering it’s a hybrid portable console. It’s also mentioned that the official unveiling is in September which is highly likely due to Tokyo Game Show being on in Japan that month.