The Green Army Strikes

NVIDIA has revealed the new SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Wireless Controller – the first tablet (apparently) built for gamers. The new NVIDIA SHIELD tablet is powered by the latest Tegra K1 processor so you can play all the latest (um) Android games for the device. The biggest interest really for this device – just like the previous SHIELD product was the potential to stream PC games from your GTX powered gaming PC. So if you want to run Battlefield 4 on the tablet via Game Stream from your PC, you can do the same thing. On the move, it pretty much acts as a android tablet packed with a 1080P screen and a beefy processor.

The SHIELD Tablets seems like a great android tablet for gaming because of the Tegra K1 but for streaming games from the PC? I think the SHIELD portable was a better, much for convenient option. It does feature ShadowPlay and allows you to stream your game via Twitch but again, it’s just as convenient to sit on the desktop computer.

What do you guys think? Would you carry a tablet and a controller around the house to play games via stream or would rather than sit on your PC?

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet & Controller is due out end of the month for US & Canada. The original NVIDIA SHIELD portable controller never saw an official release in Australia. Click here for more details