NVIDIA has recently sent out a mysterious case to a bunch of reviewers but there was no official reveal inside, just a puzzle. Each outlet were asked to solve the puzzle in the box which actually required all of them to work together to get the answer.

GamersNexus released a video on their puzzle piece and solution which in the end, revealed a date for the ‘potential’ upcoming GeForce series graphics card rumoured to be the 1000s series.

VideoCardz has also put together some clues showcasing what it could possibly be which you can check out here. Things such as the font used, dates of when the domain was booked and updated can be found there.

A countdown on the Order of 10 site has also appeared. There’s some clues on the countdown site already where shards of triangles (a common marketing asset used by NVIDIA) trickling down on Earth. The shards started off as white, slowly turning to grey and now featuring the NVIDIA green.




We also had a look at whether NVIDIA will reveal their new line of graphics card with the new Battlefield as both reveals land on the same day. Read it here.