Ocean week has become a tradition for League of Legends down under, with the event returning in two weeks. The event revolves around an evil entity transforming our cuddly koalas and wildlife into horrible monsters. It’s up to players to stop them, earning a bunch of rewards along the way.

To getĀ involved visit the Ocean Week hub and enlist before Jan 26th, also securing you a bonus 4 win IP boost. Once enlisted winning games contributes to timed monster battles, with a point threshold to defeat each beast. A normal League match offers one point, while other modes will offer point bonuses during the event.

Defeating monsters (like the one on the left) gives some attractive prizes, with the first victory unlocking all of League’s roster for the duration of the event. After that, mystery gifting, hextech chests/keys, double IP rewards and a summoner icon are all on offer. Much like the Nautilus reef statue, a final reward yet to be announced promises to be a “conservationist contribution to Oceanic animals, allowing Homeguards to make a difference to animals IRL”. Prizes and helping animals – what more do you need to justify playing a few (hundred) games during the event?

If you prefer art or cosplay to playing, there will be competitions for each running alongside the event. For all the finer details and more, head to the Ocean Week hub right here.