Jeff Kaplan promised new skins for our favourite Overwatch heroes were on the way, and it looks like the first lot may be dropping very soon. According to a promotional package allegedly sent out by Blizzard Entertainment, the pack seems to coincide with the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympics, offering ‘Summer Games’ sport themed outfits to the roster.

Twitch streamer Laced Up Lauren posted on twitter a picture of said promotional package, including a golden medal emblazoned with the Overwatch logo, playercards and a bunch of stickers with heroes taking part in the games Рfrom an equestrian McCree to table tennis Mei.

There’s also what appears to be a postcard emblazoned with an arena shaped area, potentially hinting at a new map in Rio. It’s impossible to tell for sure what this content drop will have – and if all characters will score Olympic themed outfits – but one thing is certain, Overwatch fans are sure to be excited about the prospect of new content after the addition of Ana earlier this month.

For now we’re left to wait on an official confirmation. We’ll update this story if and when information from Blizzard arrives.