Revolutionise The Way You Shop Games

The gaming world has evolved drastically over the last few years. We’ve started to see annual releases of our favourite franchises, more than a few beloved developers have gone out of business, and gaming in general is more popular than it has ever been. Gaming in Australia has seen even more change though, and one of the key talking points that I often hear about is the pricing of our games. It’s not too rare to see opinion pieces pop up on sites about why it’s the developers fault, or why it’s the retail outlets fault, but the bottom line is that Australian’s tend to pay much more. As a 23 year old gamer I’ve spent far too many hours flipping through the sale bins at EB Games, or walking down the aisles at JB Hifi but, as of late, I’ve made a lot of my purchases online. Stores like OzGameshop and Dungeon Crawl have made it far easier for gamers to get their titles at a competitive price, taking business away from the retail stores. Speaking to gamers online, I’ve heard far too many people saying they won’t shop at certain stores because everything is cheaper online, and this saddens me because i know all too well that it IS possible to find games in the retail chains and independent stores for even cheaper, as long as you know where to look.

This is where a new website comes in… On The Game is a website i recently came across that promises to find the best prices available, and no it’s not a scam. Aiming to index and compare the price of games across a range of stores, On The Game is attempting to make sure Australians always get the best deal, regardless of which store may be offering it. Currently showing the prices for most major stores, as well as a range of smaller ones, they’re always looking to expand and include as many stores and locations as possible to ensure the Australian gamer always gets the best price.

We contacted On The Game to find out more about the site and the tech behind it. In their response, there was one particular sentence that caught my attention… “At On the Game we want to stop people getting ripped off, simple as that.” It’s a simple sentiment that takes more effort than you might think. Without giving too much away, On The Game has some impressive technical work happening behind the scenes to keep the prices up to date and bring as much relevant information to their page as possible.


“At On the Game we want to stop people getting ripped off, simple as that.”James Gregory, On The Game Creator

All up, On The Game should be able to help every internet shopper to find the best deals for their game of choice, but what about the myriad of shoppers who don’t think to check online first? On The Game have just released an app for iOS devices that could change the way you shop forever. While it does include the lookup features you’d expect, it also includes a barcode scanner. Walk into any shop, pick up a case, aim your phone at the barcode on the back, and the On The Game app will find the details and show you the best price available online. Sure you might be willing to pick up the game then and there if you’re only paying an extra $5, but what if you could save $15, or $20?

Australians are paying more for their video games, but it’s not entirely the fault of the publishers or the stores. Sometimes it all comes down to how informed the customers are. Shopping for games is never as clear-cut as “go here, buy this”. For example, at the time of writing this article, the cheapest place to buy a PC copy of the upcoming Tomb Raider isn’t OZ Gameshop, or even Steam… It’s Video Ezy. Even I wouldn’t have thought to check there. The best way to make sure you’re not paying too much for games is to make sure you have the most relevant information at your fingertips, and as far as I’ve seen, On The Game is the simplest and fastest way to get that information.

Check Out ‘On The Game’ Here – iOS App Available on iTunes Now. Thanks to James Gregory for taking the time to talk to us.