Ubisoft’s first Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 content update, Operation Chimera is now available today on PC and console. Operation Chimera introduces two new offensive characters: Lion and Finka plus an all-new co-op mode called Outbreak where players have to fend off bio-chemical threat.

Year 3 also sees some adjustments to the base game which is catered for new players picking up Rainbow Six Siege for the first time. For all players who own the Standard Edition or the Advanced, Gold, and Complete edition – the renown cost (in-game credit) has been removed for the original 20 operators and attachments. This means players can easily getting into the swing of the Rainbow Six Siege gameplay upfront with access to the major operators without having the restrictions.

The Starter Edition (which is the cheapest base entry to the game) will also see a tweak where the player will receive a total of six random Operators, up from 2 Operators in the previous version. Once activated, players will receive three random Attackers and three random Defenders from a selection of 10 operators.

These new improvements will help benefit the ease of access for new and current Rainbow Six Siege players as the game continues to develop and grow.