It begins this weekend, the 2018 season of the Oceanic Pro League aka OPL. Kicking off the season will be a grand final rematch between the two legendary teams: The Chiefs Esports Club and Dire Wolves on Saturday. We also see three new teams entering the rift: Tectonic, ORDER and Bombers.

With plenty of roster movements and newcomers in the OPL, the 2018 season is set to be the most unpredictable and compelling yet. Bryce “EGym” Paule who was formerly in the Chiefs Esports Club has moved on to a casting role at Riot Games, this is what he had to say about the tough opener:

“Dire Wolves lost two of their players, Destiny and Phantiks, to the Chiefs this season, with Phantiks becoming the Chiefs’ coach, so this grudge match will be a big test to see if they still have the firepower to retain their back-to-back titles,” said EGym.

“Considering all the new OPL lineups, which include new domestic, Korean and European players, and the increasing team investments, fans can expect the 2018 season to be vastly different than previous years, with more teams jostling for the top spot on the ladder.”

The OPL will be streamed live on the OPL Twitch, Twitter and YouTube from 2pm (AEDT) every Saturday and Sunday. You can check out our weekend preview here in Enter the Rift.