Outlaws Gaming has announced their entry into Heroes of the Storm by picking up the former NMD Esports roster. With Blizzard announcing the HGC ANZ Premier Division 2018, Outlaws will join the already confirmed Nomia and Crimson as the first three teams included in HGC ANZ.

Ben ‘Benji’ – the Chief Operations Officer at Outlaws Gaming has this to say about the roster pickup:

“We here at Outlaws Gaming are extremely excited to pick up this roster for 2018 and with the recent update from Blizzard for the scene moving into next year; it comes with perfect timing. My inspiration for the scene came solely from the guys over at Dark Sided after watching their success and listening to the advice from some of them to enter the scene. With Outlaws entering the scene, I hope it opens the eyes of other organisations out there to jump aboard and support this platform. The more support this scene gets, the more success our region will accomplish coming into the new year.”

Here’s the Outlaws Gaming Heroes of the Storm line-up:

  • Hykkup
  • GondoTheBoo
  • Coffee
  • Laharl
  • IBW

You can follow Outlaws Gaming Twitter here for the latest updates coming from the organisation.