Australian Overwatch fans were treated to a brilliant weekend at the Overwatch World Cup 2017: Sydney Group Stage qualifier as Team Australia – made up of Blank Esports roster secures a spot at Blizzcon after an incredible series against a dedicated Japanese team.

After winning two out of their three group stage matches, the Australian team were matched up against Japan for a spot at the World Cup at Blizzcon. The best of five series started off with King’s Row where Australia took the first game. With both teams sticking with a standard dive comp – the games were a massive tug of war as each team was sticking to a tried and true formula attempting to outplay each other.

Lijang Tower was the next map pick and is one of Japanese strongest map. Despite a close match on control, the Japanese slip away with a victory in overtime. With Volskaya Industries the next map on the series and Australia’s pick – Tank player Ashley ‘Trill’ Powell cleared the Japanese defence with his amazing play on Winston putting the local team ahead with another map.

Despite their efforts on Dorado, the fourth map in the matchup – the Japanese once again overwhelmed after some minor mistakes from the Aussie side pushing the team to a decider map five on Oasis. It was do or die for both teams here as the winner of this map secures their ticket to Blizzcon.

This single map of Oasis showed how incredibly close the series was as Australia managed to win the first point in a reverse sweep in overtime with Japan already sitting on 99%. It was a similar story with the 2nd point as Japan sat on 99% then completely swept by the Australians capping the point in overtime. Japan attempted to keep the dream alive by flooding the point but ultimately lost control. After a hard fought road through the group stages and an incredible finish against Japan 3-2, the team qualified for the 2017 Overwatch World Cup alongside Sweden.

The 2017 Overwatch World Cup playoffs will see the top 8 qualified teams from the group stages compete at Anaheim, USA 3rd to 4th November 2017. If you missed the action, you can check out the full VOD here.