Since the Overwatch beta went offline last December a lot of people have been waiting (im)patiently for their chance to jump back in. Jeff Kaplan, the game’s Director, has today taken to the Battle.Net forums to provide a Closed Beta Update.

While it was originally slated to return for players this January, Kaplan has announced the closed beta will now return in mid February, citing the team wanting to “add one more big feature to the next beta patch” as the reason for this short delay. This feature is a new game mode, and while specific details are still being kept under wraps, it will definitely be showcased when the beta comes back online.

In the closing Kaplan also mentions we’ll see new maps, alongside updates to the reward and progression systems. Players will get around a weeks notice before the beta goes live and with the potential for more invites to be sent out, February is looking to be a very good time to be an Overwatch fan.

You can read Kaplan’s statement in full right here. Overwatch is set to launch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on June 21st, 2016.