During Blizzcon 2016, Blizzard has revealed the Overwatch League – a professional sports league for the popular team-based shooter. The Overwatch League combines the best elements of traditional sports and esports to create a world-class ecosystem for professional Overwatch competition.

Mike Morhaime, the CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment has mentioned that “The Overwatch League represents not only the pinnacle of Overwatch competition, but also a genuine career opportunity for the most skilled Overwatch players,” said “We’re building a league that’s accessible to players and fans, sustainable, and exciting for everyone involved.”

The Overwatch League will provide support for long-term stability as well as opportunities for professional careers using practices from major professional sports which is something lacking within the esports industry.

The teams will represent major cities from different regions and once admitted to the league – the team will be supported with their spot secured for continual growth.

You can watch the official announcement video below, learn more about the Overwatch League here.