Paladin’s The Untamed OB40 Update Introduces a New Champion

Paladins open beta patch number 40 brings in a variety of updates to the game in both visuals and the balancing of champions. This patch also releases Paladin’s new damage champion Tyra “The Untamed’.

With the release of the latest OB40 patch comes a new champion. Tyra ‘The Untamed’ is designed as a hunter-themed damage champion to be included in the existing pool of champions. Her basic attack shoots at a rate for 0.09s dealing 120 damage per shot, with headshots dealing twice the damage. WIth bursting it improves accuracy of the weapon and removes the need to reset recoil after firing at full auto. Tyra’s secondary attack is Nade shot which does 700 damage with a small area of effect, this grenade launcher could be used to finish off enemies.


Her first ability (Q) Fire Bomb is a molotov you throw that leaves a pool of fire for 6 seconds, when it comes to contact with an enemy they will burn losing health over a duration of 0.6 seconds as well as reduced healing by 50%. Hunter’s Mark gives allies the ability to see stealth heroes through walls, as well as giving Tyra 15% increased damage. This increased damage only works with Tyra and not her allies. Combining all of Tyra’s abilities with her ultimate Crossfire gives her 40% movement speed and attack speed which has a duration of 4.5s, the additional damage makes her the absolute damage machine to melt frontline tanks.

Some general changes that were made in OB patch 40 are the rotation of the free champions that are available to play, the use of ultimates in spawn before the game starts, and the addition visual effects that improve gameplay. Not many major changes in terms of menu’s, cosmetics, and visual effects. Moving onto champion changes there were a significant amount of changes which included balancing, fixed and nerfs.

Paladins OB40 Patch is now live. Check out the full Patch Notes.