As we approach the end of year holiday season, cheap sales have started popping up across multiple digital retail outlets. Don’t go spending all your money straight away though; Steam will most likely be starting its usual seasonal discount event any day now. In the meantime, check out these great PC game deals.

GOG are currently promoting their “Big Fall Sale”, which among a variety of generous discounts – includes some pretty interesting freebies. Unfortunately at this time you’ve probably missed the free giveaway of the original Mount and Blade, but there’s more where that came from.

GOG sale

Both The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and short film – The Gamers: Director’s Cut are free, with a simple caveat. In order to obtain the DRM free products, there is a stamp system in place on GOG’s website, where 1 can be gained every 24 hours, with a total of 7 needed to claim the freebies. As of this writing, it’s the 17th of November and the “Big Fall Sale” ends on the 25th, leaving just enough time if you start collecting now. Aside from encouraging gamers to check in on the site each day, it also requires a free GOG account signup.

The best deals come and go fairly quickly, so keep checking the site regularly over the next week.

Humble Bundle are becoming increasingly renowned for their popular pay-what-you-want model and massive bundle deals. This has expanded to digital books, comics, Android Apps and a permanent storefront.

The current Humble Jumbo Bundle 3 is especially appetizing, with the inclusion of the hardcore competitive multiplayer shooter – Insurgency. Alongside the basic bundle, Insurgency comes with 3 other copies of the game to give to friends. And at slightly higher pricing tiers, more and more games become available, with some not yet announced.

The added benefit of using Humble Bundle, is the ability in the payment process to decide where your money will go – dived up between the developers, charity, or Humble Bundle itself.

humble bundle jumble

With the release of Far Cry 4, Steam is offering discounts on the entire Far Cry franchise, including DLC for Far Cry 3 among the main series instalments and even Blood Dragon. Alternatively, all of these are available in a franchise pack with further savings.

Also on Steam, Skullgirls has a massive discount that includes all the DLC and extra copies for friends.

farcry sale

skullgirls sale

Remember to jump on these deals quickly, and be ready for even crazier discounts in the coming weeks. My wallet already hurts.