In an interview with Fox Business, the NBA Philadelphia 76ers have revealed they’re treating their esports players like professional atheletes by providing doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and more.

The 76ers became the first major US sports organisation to invest in esports when they acquired Team Dignitas and Team Apex a few months ago in September.

“In the past, we have not had access to anything like that,” Michael “OD” O’Dell, president of Team Dignitas mentioned. “Coaches have only really come in the last few years. Sports psychology and nutrition, that’s only really starting to happen. This is a big reason for me for wanting to partner with the Sixers, having access to their ability and their knowledge in that respect is really important to me.”

Both teams will have access to the same resources and facilities as their basketball team. Team Dignitas currently field teams in League of Legends, CSGO, SMITE and many more while Team Apex have a competiting League of Legends team.