The PlayStation 4 PRO is now available in Australia and while we haven’t had the chance to get our techy hands on it yet, the footage we saw of Horizon Zero Dawn running at PAX Australia 2016 was quite impressive.

The console will cost you $559.95 AUD RRP and features a 1TB hard-drive storage space which you can easily upgrade by pulling a slot out. On paper, the PS4 Pro is almost 2.28 faster than the standard PS4 on paper so expect a decent upgrade.

However, not all titles are ‘Forward Compatible’ meaning some games will only take advantage of the extra headroom from launch. Titles such as Infamous: Second Son, Rise of the Tomb Raider, The Last of Us: Remastered and more are all forward compatible right now.

To take advantage of the 4K rendering the console pushes out and High Dynamic Range (HDR) – you do require a compatible UHDTV as well. You can still run the PS4 Pro on Full HD 1080p as some games support downsampling and performance increases on the lower resolution.

If you’re a PlayStation fan, you’ve probably picked up the console already as the price point is quite attractive coming in at the launch price of the original PS4. For those who don’t have a UHDTV yet that supports HDR, you’ll probably want to wait until you upgrade or check out our impressions coming later this week.