Preview into the ESL AU & NZ Season 2 Playoffs held at the PAX Arena

As 2016 reaches its final stages, Counter-Strike fans look eagerly into the following year however not before ESL Australia and PAX AUS has something to say about it!

Occurring on November 4th through till the 6th ESL Australia and PAX AUS have teamed up together to present the PAX Arena Stage which will feature a myriad of fantastic eSports action including competitive games such as Rocket League and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – In this article we will preview into the Counter-Strike side of things as ESL Australia aim to host their ESL AU & NZ Season 2 Championship Playoffs over two of the three days during this event.

rn-athCurrent expected lineup: sonic – erkaSt – InfrequeNt – liazz – wizard

After recently competing in the PGL Asian Minor Championship Athletico are seriously starting to become a competitively viable team – not just in local areas such as Australia and New Zealand but in other regions such as Asia as well. This international involvement of course makes for a battle-hardened team and coming back to Australia spectators can expect their immense prowess and refined composure to play an integral role in coming out first at this prestigious event.
Current expected lineup: RaZ – LONSDALE – yellow – Hatz – jokes

Current CGPL title holders Parallax are never a team to overlook. With many star players including Jokes and Raz you can guarantee if any of these two players show up then the team is always in for a chance. Admittedly Parallax have had some up and down performances as of late however what history also suggests is that the longer time they have to prepare the better they perform and you can trust that lonsdale will have a few tricks up his sleeve for this upcoming tournament.


Current expected lineup: Lightstep – tucks – aliStair – INS – malta

A somewhat quiet team since their overseas trip to Poland, Chiefs have a great balance between experienced veterans such as Lightstep and Tucks as well as insanely skilled young individuals including Alistair and INS. In the past this team has gone toe-to-toe with the best of them including all the competing teams at this tournament and at PAX AUS it is just a matter of if the young-guns of the team can turn up along with the consistency that Tucks seems to always provide at these national LAN events.

Current expected lineup: James – deStiny – BURNRUOk – Gratisfaction – gazR

After the breakdown of the former Immunity lineup it took time for James to rebuild however nevertheless they were able to do so and the Immunity we know today is a truly fearsome lineup that can deliver – even in the most dire of situations. The key for Team Immunity’s success at this event is Gratisfaction. We know history tells us that players such as Burn and Destiny can show strong performances however what will truly separate their team from the pack is how well Gratisfaction can pick apart the opposition with his incredible AWP skill set; hopefully this aspect of his play can be transferred to the big stage.


General predictions:
1st. Athletico
2nd. Team Immunity

3rd. Parallax
4th. Chiefs

Overall these teams all have determining factors that could take their team to victory however with Athletico’s remarkable national presence (placing first in virtually all events) as well as their recently acquired overseas experience it’s difficult to doubt their capabilities at this upcoming ESL AU & NZ Season 2 Playoffs.

Be sure catch the event at PAX Australia on Saturday at 4:00pm AEDT as well as the grand finals at midday on Sunday.