Psyonix’s is bringing their critically acclaimed supersonic rocket-fuelled car soccer game, Rocket League down under to join PAX Australia 2016 eSports line-up. The double elimination 3v3 tournament is set to take place on Friday the 4th of November between 10am and 2pm AEDT and will feature the very best of Oceania’s Rocket League talent as they duke it out for a $5000 USD prize pool and the bragging rights as the best team in the Oceanic region.

The top four teams in the region competing are none other than Alpha Sydney, Athletico, Abyss esports and Legacy esports, who come into the tournament in hot form and are surely the team to beat. If you’re unfamiliar with the rich Rocket League scene here in Australia and the teams that make our upper echelon of players, don’t worry, because we have you covered.

Legacy eSport

First up is Legacy eSports, who come into the tournament in hot form. Legacy are ‘veterans’ of the relatively young Rocket League scene here, and are known by many in the community as the “Kings of OCE”. They won every tournament and bested every challenger for the 6 months of their professional run, they simply looked unstoppable. In May however, this was proven wrong, as Legacy eSports were dethroned by a younger team, now known to be Legacy’s deadly rivals, Atheltico. While staying firmly cemented within the 4 “super teams” of Oceanic Rocket League, their performance struggled. In attempts to regain their mantle as best team in OCE back, a roster change was made. Zac ‘ORION’ Renesis was out and the keyboard and mouse meistro ‘Groovey Grape’ was in.  Alongside Aaron ‘Eren’ Prasser and Tyson ‘Soma’ Harris, they have gone on a tear, taking out 1st place in almost every single tournament for the last week, qualifying first for PAX and reclaiming the crown that has been lost for the last 6 months. As well as hot streak, Legacy also has LAN experience on their side, so they will be the team to beat come Friday.


Alpha Sydney

Alpha Sydney have put a dint in the Oceanic pro Rocket League scene. Alpha Sydney formed on the 11th of November, and less than 2 weeks later they’ve gone on to qualify for Australia’s biggest ever Rocket League tournament at PAX. They were quickly eyed by an organisation and we subsequently picked up before they could blink. Jake ‘Jake the Tyrant’ Edwards, Torsos and Drippay are all huge 1v1 players who bring high levels of mechanical skill to 3v3 play. Never before have we seen a team form and instantly take it straight to the “super teams”, but an excellent run to the 1st place podium of the Open Qualifiers were earnt by dominant displays against both Abyss and Athletico. Alpha Sydney are a complete enigma coming into these finals, and only time will tell whether they will rise to the top or fall to the more experienced competition.



After defeating Legacy back in Mat and claiming the oceanic throne for themselves, Atheltico dominated the scene for the following months, so its quite unnatural to see them not qualify as the number 1 seed coming into PAX.  Craig ‘SnarfSnarf’ Thain, Connor ‘MontyConnor’ Montgomery and Michael ‘Bango’ Eason have some of the best team work around, and have the ability to beat anyone they come across. The other teams around them have certainly caught up and showed to Athletico that they are no longer the big dogs, but Athletico are not to be slept on. Their cool heads and competitive nature will lead them into this LAN with high expectations and they will settle for nothing less than 1st place.

Abyss eSports

Abyss are an incredibly hard working team who are known for competing not only in Australia, but in America as well. Their efforts paid off when they were the first team to really take it to Athletico. This made painted a target on Abyss’s back turned them into the team to beat in OCE, and so it was astonishing when they only just scraped through the LAN qualifier. After their rocky start going straight into lower bracket, they qualified with style, running 21 wins and 1 loss in the long slog required to prove they can still compete. Jonathan ‘Express’ Slade and Adam ‘Addzey’ Meechan are dinosaurs of the scene, and the addition of Nathan ‘Cyrix’ Baxter provides them with LAN experience that will be invaluable at PAX. They’re heating back up as they come into this LAN, and if they come back into form, they may be unbeatable.

Now that you’re all caught up on what Oceania’s Rocket League has to offer make sure to tune into the stream

If you’re not a pro gamer but love Rocket League don’t fret, because you’ll be able to play Rocket League at one of the PAX PC and Console Freeplay Areas featured on the show floor. If you’re feeling up to the challenge you can also partake in any of the multiple tournaments held in these areas on Saturday and Sunday of the expo.

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