Playism Games, a team comprised of Hifumi Kono, Takashi Shimizu and their staff at Nude Maker are returning back to the horror genre with a spiritual successor to the famous SNES title Clock Tower.

Creature designer from the Silent Hill franchise Masahiro Ito, Final Fantasy XII and XIV concept artist Kiyoshi Arai, multi-award winning composer and audio director Nobuko Toda, and veteran composer Michiru Yamane all join the team to help craft a horror title that will truly terrify.

The team are using their own resources and passion to create the project, and that’s where the Kickstarter comes in. The title was only originally planned for iOS, Android, and Vita – but after the overwhelming amount of fan support it’ll also be making its way to PC, and possibly other platforms as well.

The team have a goal of $300,000 to reach, which isn’t a massive amount when compared to many other titles being developed these days. There’s a lot of rewards to check out as well, so be sure to head over to the teams Kickstarter page to see them all and decide if you want to dive in.

NightCry is set on a cruise ship, and you have been invited along for the cruise of a lifetime. While your surroundings are luxurious and the guests are friendly, not everything is as it should be. The guests and the crew start to turn up dead, the victims of some foul murder. The game is a 3D point-and-click adventure title, with the primary focus on exploration and escape.

Check out all of the details over at the Kickstarter page, the team’s Twitter page, Facebook page or their website.