The latest firmware update for Sony’s PlayStation 4 will be going through its paces tomorrow. If you aren’t aware of what’s to come, here’s a brief outline on what you can expect come tomorrow, and some of the nifty new features that are coming along with the 2.0 firmware update.

USB Music Player
Using USB Music Player, you can now listen to your music while gaming on the PlayStation 4. Simply just plug in a USB with music on it, open up the application and let the beats do the talking. Supported filename extensions include MP3, MP4, M4A and 3GP.

Players You May Know
Somewhat like what Facebook does in the right-hand sidebar, the PS4 will now suggest players to you that you may know via the What’s New section of the dashboard.

Live Broadcasting Improvements
In the Live From PlayStation app, there will be now a featured channel which will include official broadcasts from PlayStation (expect things like the Sony E3 2015 and Gamescom streams to be included in this), there will also be a section for broadcasts by friends and any game channel that you may have followed. There’s also support for archived broadcasts and specific game searches.

Enhanced Voice Commands
New voice command options have been thrown into the mix, including “start broadcast”, “end broadcast” and “find face”. The latter pointing towards a similar system that Xbox One  uses, where it’ll recognize your face and automatically sign you in.

Add To Library
You’ll now have the option to select ‘add to library’ instead of just downloading the games from the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection, saving you precious hard drive space and allowing you to come back and download them whenever you’d like.

Changing Colours
Instead of having a plain light blue background, you’ll now be able to change it to one of seven new colours: gold, blue, red, green, purple, pink, and gray.

Similar to PlayStation Vita’s latest update, themes have been introduced to spice up the personality of your system. Some of these will be free, whereas others will cost money. They change how your PlayStation 4‘s dashboard looks and are pretty comparable to the PlayStation 3’s use of themes.

The big new feature for this update is SharePlay, which allows friends to jump in on a game if you’re stuck in a hard area or just want to play a two player game with them and they don’t have the game. SharePlay is limited to a one hour gaming session each time, and instead of attempting to explain it – here’s an official video describing how it can be used.

So that’s about it for the 2.0 system update for PlayStation 4, what’s the feature that you’re most excited about? I know themes are looking mighty fine, and the library updates are really appreciated.