PUBG Corp has revealed their 2018 road map which goes into detail about what the team is working on this year. This list spans from all aspects of the games including a new smaller map, weapons and attachments, an emote system, optimizations and more. What is most important for esports players and fan who follow the professional scene is that they’ll be more improvements and features.

In the post, the developers has acknowledge the game is quite not ready for esports – ‘seriously, we are not there yet, but we will be’ saying they have lots of work to do. This year, the team has mentioned they’ll be working to further improve the live spectator tool which includes an integrated replay system to help highlight action that was missed during matches. This is something that was needed especially in PUBG when multiple fights can happen at the same time.

The team has also touched on expanding the custom matches tool which will help communities have more options in customising their matches. They will also allow people to save presets for future use.

The PUBG 2018 roadmap reveal contains lots of information on what PUBG corp are working on this year and helps keep the barrier transparent. You can check it out here.