Last night, PUBG Corp released a new PC update adding new weapon skins and crates to the game allowing players more options to customise their game. The weapon skins can be acquired via two crates, one paid and one free – which is the same system as the clothing crates available in-game. As per usual, the weapon skins are purely cosmetic and doesn’t affect gameplay (except for the salt and flexing for having a rare skin).

The company also revealed they are exploring a region-locking system, a much requested feature from the players to prevent higher ping players from joining their server. “These servers will be made invisible to players residing in other regions” but if players still want to play with their friends (from other regions) may – “if a player in an exclusive server region forms a team with a player from another region, they can connect to and play on any of the servers available to either of them.”

Don’t get excited however as the team is still looking into the option but it’s great they’ve addressed the much requested feature. “We are going to run a limited test of this approach as more detailed research and analysis should come before global application.”

You can read up on the full PC update details here plus information about the drop rates on the new weapon skins.