During the Bethesda conference at E3 2017, the company has revealed more news on the upcoming Quake Champions. The game will see the famous BJ Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein join the character list with the reveal of the open beta. Also announced was the Quake World Championships being held at QuakeCon on August 26th with a prize pool of $1 Million.

Joining forces with ESL Gaming, the online qualifiers for the Quake World Championships begin in a few weeks. Australian players can compete in the NA qualifiers for the tournament.

“Quake is back in the esports scene in a big way with Quake Champions, and the Quake World Championships will be the ultimate test of skill for the best competitive players in the world,” said Tim Willits, Studio Director, id Software. “Working with ESL, we’re excited to produce an incredible competition featuring amazing pro player talent, all vying for the million dollar prize pool and the title of the very first Quake World Championships champion.”

For more information on the Quake World Championship, visit the ESL site here.