After a stellar run throughout the Six Invitationals, Australian Rainbow Six team – Mindfreak finishes top 8 after getting knocked out by Brazilian team, Black Dragons e-Sports.

In the group stage, Mindfreak’s had a rough start to the Invitationals losing against Rogue. However, the team stepped up taking Russian team, Room Factory (2-1) and the Brazilian, Team Liquid (2-1) down to claim 2nd place in the group stages advancing them to the play-offs.

In the first match-up in the play-offs, Mindfreak was up against Black Dragons e-Sports – a team who won Latin American Pro League Season 1 and 3. The Australians were ultimately knocked out after a clean sweep 2-0 by the Brazilians ending their Six Invitational run.

Let’s no forget Japanese team eiNs who had their very first Six Invitational debut this year. The APAC Year 2 Season 3 Pro League champions were competing in Group D and after losing out against FaZe, the team managed to take down NA team, eRa Eternity 2-1. In attempt to keep their Six Invitational hopes alive, the team hard fought against ENCE. Despite taking the first map off them, the team went down 2-1 ultimately eliminating them from the competition. eiNs finishes top 12th in their first international showing.

While probably not the results they were looking for, both teams did the region proud upsetting some big names on the international stage. For their first invitational on PC, Mindfreak to finish top 8th shows their determination to make a mark on the international stage alongside eiNs showing what the region can do.