Ubisoft’s upcoming Rainbow Six Siege is multiplayer only and they have detailed the year one roadmap on how they plan to keep the game running with four seasons of content.

Year one of Rainbow Six Siege will see 8 brand new operators introduced, 4 maps and a bunch of new weapons and cosmetic items/game modes. The team is highly emphasizing that the game won’t have a pay wall on any of their gameplay content so it won’t split the community.


The team has also revealed Rainbow Six credits or R6 Credits – which is the in-game currency you can buy to unlock new operators. You can unlock operators using renown as well which is earn during gameplay. It will take roughly 25 hours of gameplay (25,000 Renown) to unlock an operator according to the team.

The first season of the post-launch content has already been announced coming January 2016 which is called Operation Black Ice. The season will launch with a new map, 2 operators with new gadgets and weapons plus new skins.

Rainbow Six Siege drops on December 1st 2015. You can read more about the post-launch here.