Ubisoft has revealed a Starter Edition for Rainbow Six: Siege giving players the opportunity to check out the title for a lower price point.

Available on PC only from today for two weeks – the Starter Edition offers the full game experience for $19.95 USD (Australian Pricing) but with lots more grinding involved for future unlocks. Upfront, the game unlocks two operators from a pool of six with 2 more ops of your choice with the provided R6 Credits – to get you going.


When it comes to future operator unlocks however, it will cost more than the standard version (more grinding) but still gives you access to all the current maps, modes and updates. You can even slap the season pass on top of the Starter Edition.

It’s a pretty cool incentive if you haven’t checked out Rainbow Six: Siege yet and from my point of view, it still has a dedicated player base with two more content drops coming in the future. Check out more information on the Starter Edition here.