Showcased at the recent Invitational, Ubisoft has showed off Rainbow Six Siege’s new operation – Operation Velvet Shell. The new DLC is set on the coastline of Ibiza, Spain and introduces two new operators to the existing pool which brings the total to 30. Following a year after post launch the year two road map aims to update and improve player comfort, upgrading the user and navigation interface, customisation and many more to come.

The DLC also introduces a new update to the navigation. It now includes a personalised play button allowing you to play the recent game mode you have selected. The rank display has been visually updated to go from four to one as you get closer to the next tier, instead of one to four. The rank icons have also been visually updated as the old rank icons have been difficult to recognise upfront giving a more distinct look.

As with every update there are tweak and improvements that help aim to give players a more fluid feel to the gameplay. The first and most major change is the way sights work. This update aims to harmonise the position of the first person camera and the gun sight. Since release the sight positions were inherited from the third person camera position (the real position of the sights had on the weapons rails). This change seemed logical enough to approach the visual in a more realistic way and making it comfortable enough.

Some other changes that were made were to the gadget layout of IQ and Capitao. Capitao’s grenades are replaced by 1 claymore (still has 3 stun grenade) and IQ’s 3 stun grenades being replaced by 2 frag grenades (still has 3 breach charges).

Check the trailer out and the patch notes here: