The well known Razer Deathadder gaming mouse returns as part of the Razer Chroma line in an attempt to give users unprecedented options with customising the colours of the LEDs.

Classic Design

The Razer Deathadder Chroma is pretty much the exact same mouse as its predecessor. Nothing has been changed. It comes with the usual nice matte coat finish preventing slip during vital moments and packed with grip side skirts. Dimensions remain the same as well, which is great because the Deathadder design really caters for both palm and claw grip gamers.The mouse also has the same five buttons located around the body including the scroll wheel. One noticeable difference however is the side buttons being upgraded to Omron switches which make an audible click when pressed – much better than the spongy ones they had before.

Of course, being part of the Razer Chroma range – the new Deathadder features RGB LEDs in the palm logo and scroll wheel. Before, the Razer Deathadder only really came with green and blue LEDs so now users can customise the mouse to a colour of their liking. This all done in the Razer Synapse software provided via an internet download.


Software with Synapse

After downloading the Razer Synapse sofware, users can customise how the mouse performs as well as the new RGB LEDs. The usual customisation options like sensitivity, acceleration and polling rate can be adjusted via the software to fit your play. You can also save these pre-sets into profiles for easier access and switching. The mouse however doesn’t feature a quick DPI switching option so everything is done via profiles. Hopefully something Razer can look into with the next Deathadder mouse?

Apart from just choosing your colours from over 16.8 million options – say what. You can also choose a colour mode option: Breathing, Cycling, or Static. Of course, everyone knows what static is – sticking to the one colour, but you can also make the mouse breath the colour every 7 second interval or cycle through the entire spectrum.


While very minor in terms of what it can do so far with the colours – Razer has promised an open source SDK coming soon that will take advantage of the colour options. Things like getting shot and all your Chroma products turning red or something may be in the pipeline. It’s a cool and promising upcoming feature but we haven’t heard of a release date yet, hopefully soon.

Final Say

Sticking with what works well, the new Chroma version doesn’t really add any new improvements to the existing Deathadder design and performance so it may not be a worthy upgrade for current owners. Unless you dislike the green LED and preferred something with red or blue or yellow or pink… (and so on) – the Deathadder provides the possibilities.


  • Great overall build and design
  • Customisable RGB LEDs
  • Well priced performance mouse


  • No Quick DPI Switch Buttons