The Coolest Mouse Pad Ever?

Razer is on the roll lately re-releasing most of their popular peripherals in Chroma editions. Chroma is essentially Razer’s RGB range and with the Blackwidow and Deathadder already given the Chroma treatment – Razer releases the Firefly Mouse Pad to match the line-up.

The Razer Firefly is a hard mouse mat which has the same surface as their very own Destructor 2 except it comes with customizable 16.8million colours with a variety of lighting effects like all of their other Chroma series products. The mouse is powered by a standard USB and setup is a breeze – just plug and play if you have Razer Synapse already installed. If you don’t have Razer Synapse installed, it’s a matter of downloading and creating/logging into your account and you’re ready to go.

Performance Testing

So I’ve tested the mouse pad for approximately two weeks replacing my standard cloth mouse pad from a competing brand. As I’ve used the Razer Destructor mouse pad in the past, the Firefly felt very familiar to me upfront – going from cloth to hard however will have more glide than usual but the Firefly surface is on a level that’s controllable. As someone who plays first person shooter titles constantly on PC, the mouse pad was really great to use for quick response in certain moments but I did come across one annoyance and it was the top of the mouse pad.


As with most gamers, wired mouse are the most preferred choice over wireless and with the combination of an extra cable (from the mouse pad) and a hump that sits on-top of the mouse pad (presumably for powering the RGB lights) – when moving the mouse across – the top part creates resistance and a slight drag that sometimes is quite a nuisance. This however can be avoided if they moved the hump/cable to the side or if you use a mouse bungee or wireless mouse.

The Firefly is also quite durable able to withstand some flexing when I tested it. The lighting is also quite noticeable especially in bright environments like our office. At night, the Firefly is where it truly comes to life with it’s insane RGB lighting from the side. It’s bright enough to be noticed but not overly distracting to the eyes.



Apart from this one annoyance, the Razer Firefly is probably the coolest mouse pad you can buy on the market. If you have a full Razer Chroma line-up on your desk – it’s kinda of a no-brainer to pick this up next to match your setup. It does carry a pretty hefty price tag (for a mouse pad) but if you got Chroma; why not go all the way?

Price: $79 AUD Market Avg. | Available Now | A review unit was provided by the vendor.

Razer Firefly Review
Great Smooth/Responsive SurfaceFully Customizable LightingGreat Quality
Annoying Top DesignPricey Mouse Pad
80%Overall Score