One of the biggest things Pokemon GO players have been asking for is a messenging app in-game and it seems that Razer (of all companies) has created one.

RazerGO is a location-based chat messenger created by Razer where users can discover and chat with fellow Pokémon trainers in a scalable radius from 5 km/3 mi. (local) to 100 km/60 mi. (regional) to 1,000 km/600 mi. (global).


Here’s us checking out the app within our region.

Razer will also use the app to create ‘Guided Pokecrawls’ along multiple routes will take place around RazerStore San Francisco. Razer will drop Lures available to RazerGO users on hosted Pokecrawls.

The app will work seamlessly with Pokémon GO on both Android and iOS platforms. We couldn’t find the app yet on the iOS and Google Play store (apparently launching on the 25th July). However, a web version of the app is available to play now – check it out here.