Razer has announced the new Razer Blade Pro Notebook featuring desktop performance in a small form-factor chassis.

This high-end notebook comes packed with a Core i7 Quad Core, 32GB DDR4 Memory and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 in a under an inch thick chassis. The chassis is only 0.88 inch thick making it the thinnest notebook on the market with a GTX 1080.

It also comes with an impressive 17.3-inch IGZO UHD 4K screen with G-Sync and they’ve also added a low-profile mechanical keyboard which compliments the overall gaming experience found on the desktop but on a notebook instead.

The Razer Blade Pro Notebook is a power packed gaming notebook that’s compact, thin and easily portable. It will also double up as a powerful portable machine that exceeds the minimum requirements of the current VR hardware requirements.

Pricing for the Razer Blade Pro Notebook starts from US$3,699 and will start shipping in November for US and Europe. Local Australia pricing hasn’t been confirmed.

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