Teased previously, Razer has finally released the details on the final edition of its new webcam called the Razer Stargazer – designed for streamers and broadcasters.

The webcam uses the new Intel Real Sense technology to help add features not traditionally seen in most webcams like: dynamic background removal and 3D scanning. This is great for streamers whom don’t have space for a green screen setup as the technology removes backgrounds and only add your physical body or face into the game as seen below.


Another feature is the 3D scanning where Intel has been demonstrating this for the last few months. The technology allows users to capture physical things and add it into the software. I’ve used this technology mostly with small object and was quite surprised how easy and efficiently it worked. For gaming, the use can be marketed for players to scan their faces into the games.

The webcam features ultra-high 60 frames per second capture at 720p to utilize this feature. It will also have standard 1080p video capture and dual noise cancelling microphones.

No pricing has been announced but it will be available from Q2 2016. More information can be found here.