Razer has targeted the living room space with the introduction of a few new products announced at CES 2015.

Aiming to bring PC gaming away from the desk and into the living room, the Razer Forge TV micro-console has the ability to stream your PC games from your desktop machine directly to your TV. The Forge TV is android based and will also allow gamers to play a variety of titles from the Google Play Store. Accompanying the Forge TV is two peripheral products – the Serval and Turret.


The Serval is pretty much a bluetooth version of the Razer Sabertooth controlller. Paired up with the Forge TV, you can sit back and enjoy your titles from the comfort of your couch. If you prefer something a little more hardcore PC, the Razer Turret is a wireless lapdesk style keyboard if you prefer your WASD.

The Razer Forge TV is set to arrive Q1 2015 for $99.95 USD.