Reboots are common today, in film, games and even comics. When I looked at our site, we needed one, a reboot for our own – we had content everywhere, over 50GB of pictures and code just sitting there doing nothing. It was not a pretty sight. So something had to be done.

In the last 3 months, our IT crew behind the scenes started pulling the website apart – removing the random content and clutter we had. There was lots of it and it was going to take some time. In the meantime, between jobs and contract work. My role was to create the new Gamers Pad. People liked our home page previously, it’s in your face attitude and loud colour design caught the attention of many. Some even praising the looks of it. Little did they noticed behind the scenes was a mess.

This is how project red started – the IT Crew and TGP staff kept their lips sealed as work commenced on the face lift for TGP. We wanted something vibrant and fresh – red has always been our favourite colour so we made it more prominent in the new site. We wanted people to enter our site and go ‘wow’ this is not just another ‘review’ site.

On top of the new design, we’re pushing in many different directions with coverage on TGP. Recently you may have seen our presence in hardware reviews and you’ll see plenty more of this content in 2013. We’ve also obtained new contributors who will be covering the ‘In Real Life’ segment which will feature articles about comics, movies etc. plus Gaming Events. Expanding the team as always.

It’s been an amazing year at TGP and we can’t wait to enter the new year with our brand new look – a big thanks to all the people who’ve supported us from the local gaming community, other sites/blogs/youtube plus of course the publishers and companies that provided us with content & things to write about. We appreciate everything you’ve done.

We’re always on the look out for contributors – if you like to get involve, shoot me an email

Thanks and Game On!