Capcom brings back from the dead Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster – a rebuilt and modernised version of the Gamecube classic.

Capcom continues it’s remaster trend with Resident Evil Zero. Just like the recently released original Resident Evil HD Remaster, the Resident Evil Zero counterpart features a graphics overhaul to bring the game up to standard with today’s expectations. It also allows players to change the control scheme to the new less ‘tankier’ controls making the overall gameplay experience friendlier.

With my hands-on, I started right from the intro as I didn’t actually play Resident Evil Zero before so I was quite excited to finally experience it. Previous builds of the game only allowed the player to progress up to the first boss but with the build Capcom brought to the Tokyo Game Show, I was given the opportunity to test out the game’s character swapping mechanic and go even further into the game.resident-evil-zero-HD-a1

If you didn’t know, Resident Evil Zero follows S.T.A.R.S agent Rebecca Chambers who teams up with mystery tough guy Billy as they’ve to fight their way through zombies. The introduction of character swapping in this game created new ways of solving puzzles where players must utilise the skills of each member. Playing as Billy also changed the pace of the game as he is perceived as more the shoot first, ask questions later kinda guy.

As mentioned, Capcom introduced an alternative control scheme for the modern audience but the old tank movement system still remained. It’s easier to to managed however this time around but still feels like a chore to play especially when zombies slowly creep towards you. Targeting enemies consists of low, medium to high levels of aim while also turning around in a slow 360 degree format. While annoying, this is what the older Resident Evil has always been about – the slow, hard to respond turns which creates the situation even more tense.


The visuals look superb especially when you compare it to the original on Gamecube. Character models are sharper and much more detailed which look fantastic and the performance of the game was smooth. Resident Evil Zero’s voice work and cutscenes were carried over into the Remaster and while at times cringey, I highly doubt the team was able to redo this part of the game.

Resident Evil Zero HD is nothing more than a remake of the original taking the game into the modern era with upgraded, redone visuals which looks fantastic. As someone who has missed out playing the original back in the days – I’ll be picking this up day one. Capcom is doing a fantastic job with these re-releases and it will keep survival fans occupied until they reveal the next new instalment in the series.

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster will be available early 2016.