She’s Back

A remake of a reboot of a classic video game for next-generation consoles. It’s wasn’t that long ago the hugely successful Tomb Raider reboot graced our now older generation consoles in 2013 but now we see it return in an all new ‘built from the ground up’ again Tomb Raider for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Should we even bother? Why the hell not… Tomb Raider was an amazing title and we were lucky to see Lara reborn again.

While all the gameplay remain the same with all DLC included, the Definitive Edition focuses on the visual aspect of the game bringing more graphic fidelity with the help of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.  Lara has been built from the ground up again focusing on the minor details of her appearance and equipment to notch up the level of realism. Her face is more realistic, you can see sweat glide across her body in natural flow and the hair physics defies any other hair we’ve in the video gaming world thanks to AMD TRESS FX (which was present in the PC version). It’s these details according to the developer that makes us relate more towards the characters and environment.

The environment has also been revisited with things such as physics and environmental effects looking more dynamic and life-like. The trees on Yamatai move independently as you navigate the dense landscape of the island, ligting hits much more accurately on surfaces thanks to the technology used – it doesn’t get much better than this for visual nutjobs. It even shocked me as a PC gamer to see the visual difference from the standard game (even on PC) when compared to the Definitive Edition.

Not much else can’t be said about the edition apart from the huge improvements in the visual department catering for next-gen consoles. Whether you’ve played Tomb Raider already (I think most of us have) – I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss checking out this edition and replaying it. If you haven’t touched the latest Tomb Raider – do yourself a favor and check out the game we called “a fresh life and possibly the best game in the franchise’s history”  in our review here.

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition hits the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console on the 31st January 2014. If you pre-order now, you’ll get a sweet art-book packaging.