The ZEN Esports Network League Offline Qualifier kicked off last Saturday as four Australian/New Zealand teams: Parallax, Team Immunity, Legacy and Dark Sided converge on Sydney, Australia to secure a spot in the upcoming $100,000 AUD tournament.

Surprise Everyone!

In a surprising fashion, Parallax rocked up to the ZEN League Offline LAN wearing Avant Garde jerseys which was then revealed the roster was picked up by the organisation. After their previous roster failed to qualify for the CyberGamer Pro League and disbanded, it was up to the ex-Parallax roster to pick up the flag and qualify for one of the biggest tournaments this year.

The day kicked off with the seeding match as Team Immunity take on Avant Garde. With all eyes on the new Avant pick-up, the squad unfortunately couldn’t square up against Team Immunity dropping 2-0 pushing them into the elimination against Dark Sided.

Turn to the Dark Side

Another squad that had to prove themselves was the ex-Grinny Bankers roster which was recently picked up Dark Sided. As another team that failed to qualify for the CyberGamer Pro League, the roster needed to secure the one of two spots available in the ZEN Esports Network League.

The first elimination match pitted Dark Sided against Avant Garde with the first map on Mirage going Dark Sided way. While it seems like all hopes were lost for Avant Garde, the team did come back on map two pushing the match into another map. With the determination for the spot, Dark Sided regrouped and found focus to beat Avant Garde securing a place in the league. Avant Garde again going home empty handed missing out on two big comps early this year.

The Legacy Campaign Ends

The final elimination map of the day was Team Immunity vs. Legacy Esports whom recently signed on the former The Cuck Crew roster. With some momentum going from the first win, Team Immunity proved too strong against Legacy Esports dropping them from the ZEN League qualifier 2-0. This was the end of Legacy’s campaign in the ZEN Esports Network League.

The two teams: Team Immunity and Dark Sided will now join the two already qualified Australian & New Zealand teams: Tainted Minds and Chiefs Esports alongside four Asian teams in the ZEN Esports Network League. The first games are expected to kick off in Early February 2017.

Watch the games: