We’re at week three of the Oceanic Pro League and we still haven’t run out of surprises and crazy matches. The top team fell to superior plays, Shern ‘Shernfire’ Tai returned to the Oceanic Rift and Barons were stolen. Here’s the rundown of what happened each series.

SIN Gaming vs Legacy

2 – 1 SIN Gaming

It feels unfair to call this a surprise win. Sin Gaming’s roster has proven themselves more than capable in the past, and they proved it on Saturday afternoon by knocking the ladder leaders off their perch. In game one snowballed off early picks in mid and top, setting the pace for the match. Off the back of this they gained a strong lead and played a commanding match, beating Legacy at their usual, dominant game. For their first loss of the split, it was a pretty spectacular match.

Game two sought to balance the series out as Brandon ‘Claire’ Nguyen lead his team to victory through stellar plays on Jayce. This game they played much more like Legacy in their prime, capitalising on advantages and snowballing off of ‘Claire’. Aside from a serious mistake that lead to Sin scoring a free baron steal, Legacy looked to have come out of their match break in a much stronger and determined state.

Unfortunately for Legacy any confidence from game two wasn’t enough to carry them through, as Sin grabbed an early lead and kept it with constant ganks. They closed out the series scoring two points and, I’d imagine, one hell of a confidence boost.

Avant Garde v Abyss Esports Club

2 – 0 Avant Garde

Abyss found themselves in a tough spot this week. Avant Garde have performed admirably this split, winning two of their 3 series, while Abyss has only managed to take a single game. Avant played a very straightforward game to start the series, building up a lead and using that to close out the game objective by objective. Abyss just couldn’t shut down the members of the Avant roster they needed to in order to get a leg up, falling behind as each minute passed.

In game two Abyss tried to step it up by playing around Leon ‘Frae’ Lee, but it wasn’t enough to compete with opposing pressure from Bradley ‘Chelby’ Williams. Once again they Avant held their lead and meticulously shut down Abyss, closing out with a clean two to nil victory.

Chiefs Esports Club v Exile5

2 – 0 Chiefs Esports Club

In a tragic tale for Exile5, their first win is still out of reach. The Chiefs Esports Club executed on their staple dominant style, closing out game one in twenty-six minutes. Despite the victory, it wasn’t the cleanest due to the Chiefs playing in a bit of a disrespectful manner. Making moves that would be punished by almost any other team in the OPL didn’t put them back here, but they need to watch this poor habit as they continue through the split.

Game two was equally dominant, but equally sloppy against a substitute bolstered Exile5. While short again, the game was bloodier thanks to the Camille vs Illaoi battle. Despite the loss, the punishments from Exile5 here proved that the team is growing and can grow to a more competitive level. The Chiefs have got to be happy landing top spot on the ladder after the two to zero wipe, and hopefully exile can learn from this and take it into week four.

Dire Wolves v Tainted Minds

2 – 0 Dire Wolves

Both these teams are rising in potential, billed in the pre-split as teams that could rival the likes of Chiefs and Legacy. It was a particularly difficult week for Tainted Minds to train for the match up having lost their coach and facing a host of internet issues during preparation. Game one resulted in a somewhat underwhelming victory for Dire Wolves, taking it out with a ten thousand gold lead but a lengthy and far from clean close. Had Tainted Minds remained even the kills they took could have changed the result, but in the end Ryan ‘Chippys’ Short’s impact on Fiora was too large.

Game two was a much more textbook match for Dire Wolves. After a strong early game thanks to Shern ‘Shernfire’ Tai’s return, not to mention ‘Chippy’s dominance, Tainted minds found themselves falling behind as the laning phase drew on. From there it was a step by step victory, bringing the Dire Wolves up to tied second on the ladder.

Week three wrapped up with Chiefs taking the top spot from Legacy, thanks to their loss to Sin Gaming. It  also allowed Dire Wolves to catch up and take equal second place, setting up an interesting coming week as they prepare to clash. Regardless of the result, one of the two teams will find themselves knocked behind. Tune in on Twitch from 3pm AEST on Sat 11/2 and Sun 12/2 for the next rounds!