This week’s OPL kicked off the intergroup matches as we saw Legacy take down the Dire Wolves in an entertaining three-game set and the Chiefs cement their lead at the top of the standings. We’ll be rounding up the results from all of the week’s games as well as looking at the rise of ‘League of Lethality,’ the ascension of Lost to the spotlight and Tryndamere?!

All this and more in Respawn Ninja’s OPL Week 4 recap!

Legacy Esports vs Dire Wolves

2 – 1 Legacy Esports

In the most hyped match of the week, Legacy and Dire Wolves clashed for the chance to claim outright second place. Dire Wolves came out swinging as they opened up the map early and then abused their vision control to gain several team fight wins with K1ng going legendary on Jhin to lead them to a 1-0 lead.

With Legacy down 1-0, they switched up their game plan for their next two games, putting all their eggs in Lost’s basket picking up a Lucian/Braum combo and protecting it with Shen and Ivern in the first game and bringing in Gragas for the second game. Lost handled the pressure with aplomb as he sealed victory for Legacy with some help from his teammates. It’s clear that Legacy have embraced the power of Ivern moving forward and Carbon looked much more comfortable on the champion than he has in recent weeks.

Avant Garde vs Exile 5

2 – 0 Avant Garde

Avant Garde continued their march up the OPL table as they secured an easy victory against Exile 5. In the first game, they played a pretty standard composition with a beefy front line of Maokai and Olaf supported by speed ups and shields from Karma and pick potential from Syndra and Jhin.

While Exile 5 tried to take away some of Avant Garde’s picks in the second game, Ceres brought out a surprise pocket pick in Tryndamere. AV knew they had to play around Tryndamere to get him a lead so that he could split push and that’s exactly what they did with a well executed three-man dive in the top lane. From then on Ceres was unstoppable as he split pushed to his heart’s desire as X5 scrambled across the map trying to hold their base.

Watch Day One here:

Tainted Minds vs. SIN Gaming

2 – 1 Tainted Minds

After toppling Legacy, Sin hurtled back down to Earth with a 2-1 loss to Tainted Minds. Sin looked to be in the driver’s seat in game one as both teams played standard compositions and Sin looked far better across the map.

TM then switched the game on its head with a strange roaming composition with Talon top and Quinn ADC, and while the game started off shaky for their off meta picks, they quickly found their groove and were able to find the roams to get back into the series.

Sin tried to claw back into the series by banning out the Talon, but TM had another pick up their sleeves as they pulled out full AD Jarvan top to make FBI seriously question his life decisions as he was obliterated from the map in every team fight. Once again, Sin’s inconsistency has come back to bite them, and with Avant Garde performing well, they’ll need to find a way to regularly play at the level they played at against Legacy.

Chiefs Esports vs. Abyss

2 – 0 Chiefs Esports

Chiefs continued their undefeated streak against Abyss with a comfortable 2-0 victory. Spookz was the star in this series as he played a supportive role on Ivern in the first game and then switched it up by showing that his Graves play was still immaculate with a dominating second play. He was everywhere for the Chiefs, finding the enemy jungler and neutralising him in the early game, and leading the charge in team fights.

Watch Day Two here:

Player of the Week: Lost

Lost had all of the pressure thrust upon him in the second game of Legacy’s series with Dire Wolves as Legacy drafted a composition around his Lucian and Cupcake’s Braum. Not only did they save their final picks for their bot lane duo they also dedicated several bans to the strong laning supports to ensure they’d get a comfortable matchup.

He served up an immaculate performance, going 8/0/3 and had so much confidence going into the deciding game that Legacy decided to first rotation their bot lane of Lucian/Braum with a similar protect the double ADC composition. Once again, Lost stepped up as he pulled out another eight-kill performance to lead Legacy to a comeback victory to keep them in second place.

I think we’ll look back at this series as the defining point in Lost’s first split with Legacy. His team showed confidence in his ability to play an off meta pick and dedicated resources towards making sure he succeeded, and he pulled it off against one of the league’s championship contenders. The sky’s the limit for the 17-year-old AD Carry main.

Meta breaker: League of Lethality

In week 4 of the OPL, we moved to patch 7.3. Don’t worry, Camille, Leblanc, and Rengar are still broken, but after some solid buffs to the Lethality items, we saw teams playing Lethality champions in every lane. Miss Fortune has already seen play as a support, but now with the lethality changes, she’s also starting to see play as an AD Carry. Graves is back, although he’s still missing that cigar, and isn’t Spookz happy to be off of Ivern duty!

Tainted Minds brought out a top Talon and a Quinn ADC in a lethal roaming combo. They weren’t done with just that, though, as they brought back an ADCs worst nightmare, Full AD Jarvan. DEMACIA! Avant Garde’s top laner, Ceres, wasn’t to be outdone, however, as he brought out Tryndamere to cause mayhem on the rift as a split pushing menace.

Expect to see more Graves and ADC Miss Fortune and less ADC Quinn in Week 5 of the OPL. Top Talon and Tryndamere, though. Color me unconvinced.