Respawn 2015 Awards: Best Multi-player Game

Liam Metzeling

Pick: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


From a very tumultuous start upon first release, CSGO has quickly risen in the compeitive scene. In 2014 things got better with some major tournaments and some great community presence. 2015 has been even better than that; with a slew of massive events with big prize pools, and the rise of the game to the top of the Steam active players list. With it’s easy-to-follow multiplayer that lets people of all skill-levels watch and join in the excitement, no doubt this has been my favourite multiplayer game of this year.

Jayden Perry

Pick: Destiny The Taken King


With the introduction of ‘Destiny 2.0’ in The Taken King DLC, the game has really evolved to what it should have been at launch. I’ve lost so many hours to this game shooting, looting and racing my way through the galaxy with thousands of other guardians. From the smoothness of the shooting mechanics to the new sparrow racing, there’s a lot to love here, making it easily my most enjoyable multiplayer experience in 2015.

Toby Berger

Pick: Halo 5: Guardians


While 343’s return to the Halo universe saw a dull and uninspired single-player story take place, the game’s saving grace is ultimately its brilliant multiplayer. I’ve already spent over 2 days of game time playing both Team Arena and Warzone, and there’s no way I’m stopping now. Halo 5: Guardians’ multiplayer is addicting and incredibly enjoyable, especially with friends. I can’t recommend it enough.

Peter Du

Pick: League of Legends


When I play multiplayer games, it’s usually with my friends in a premade group. A great multiplayer game for me, is something that can consistently create memorable moments, regardless of the outcome. League of Legends still remains my first choice for multiplayer. Whether we’re messing around in a casual game or being super competitive in Ranked, we’re always enjoying ourselves. With the frequent additional of new champions and the dramatic pre-season changes that recently occurred, it doesn’t get stale.

Agus Berry

Pick: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege


Ubisoft have done an excellent job creating a shooter that emphasises on teamwork and strategy without all the flare other shooters aimed for every year. It was a big risk for them to push such a PVP focused title but it ultimately surprised many players and created one of the most intensive online shooters this year. No two games ever plays the same and I can see myself returning to this title frequently every day.