Last night Treyarch and Activision let loose the reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – the latest offering in the highly successful, annualised series. As well as showcasing the new gameplay and single-player elements, Treyarch went into detail about all three of the games modes and how they’re changing up the common Call of Duty formula.

Black Ops 3’s single-player is a big change from the previous games, as customisation and co-op both take a giant step into the spotlight. Players can customise their character to their liking during the story this time around, with a progression-based system in place for weapon, abilities and outfit unlocks during the campaign. The single-player will support four player online co-op as well, which is a massive shift from the series’ traditional ‘one man action hero’ take on things. Treyarch are changing up the levels as well, as the addition of four player co-op allows for more unpredictable gameplay. Levels are now much more open to players and give them different strategies as to how they take on enemies and objectives.

Multiplayer is different as compared to Advanced Warfares, with a momentum-based chained-movement system now in place, allowing players to wall-run, thrust jump, mantle and slide their way around maps. Weapons and abilities can be levelled up now as well, making the grind that much longer for players that are willing.

Finally, Treyarch’s Zombie mode rounds out the package. An XP-based progression system has been added to the mode as well, so players can now level up and show off their skills to the zombie community if they desire.

Looks like Black Ops 3 will be the biggest change in Call of Duty’s formula for quite some time, which is a great sign for the future. On the story side of things, it looks like Black Ops 2’s protagonist David Mason will either be featuring in a small way or won’t be featuring at all, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens at E3.

Oddly enough, there’s been nothing announced in terms of Black Ops 3 making its way to last-gen hardware (PS3/Xbox 360) either. For now, the game will only be out on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One on the 6th of November.