If you’re crazy about hardware components, you might had seen the uniquely-insane looking chassis Thermaltake (co-designed with BMW)  launched a while back called the Level 10. It’s looks and functionality turned the chassis market upside down – which is bold and daring move but well received by many. Well Thermaltake alongside BMW DesignWorks are back again to turn heads with it’s brand new Level 10 Gaming Mouse under the Tt eSPORTS banner.

The Important Stuff

  • Sensor – Laser Sensor Engine with 8200 DPI, adjustable. (800/1600/3200/5000)
  • Dimensions – 147 x 67.5 x 38.8mm
  • 11 Programmable Keys
  • 128kb On-Board Memory
  • 5 Different Gaming Profiles
  • Colours: Diamond Black, Iron White and Military Green (Red Available November 12)
  • Street Price: $109 AUD


The design of the mouse is quite unique, which is expected coming from the Level 10 range. The top layer of the mouse is rubberised and features the ventilation hole while the base is a solid aluminium frame.

On the right hand side, you have two programmable circular buttons while on the left hand side, you have an additional two plus a DPI toggle switch. These buttons sit on the actual aluminium frame of the mouse.

The height and angle of the mouse is fully customisable thanks to it’s in-built adjustment system. This allows users to adapt the mouse to their playing standards, which is quite different for everyone. I prefer my mouse to sit high up, so with the included hexa tool – I was able to adjust the height so my palm sits up from the table. You can also tilt the angle left/right improving comfortability.

The mouse also features a ventilation port just on the top where your palm would sit. Does it work? Well to an extent yes. The movements of the mouse causes air to be forced through the mouse up against your palm.

If you like personalisation, the mouse also has a featured lighting system. User can change the lighting options to suit their personality. You can your own splash of colour in three parts of the mouse, the mouse button, logo and scroll wheel. You can set the colour in the software which we will go through next.


With most mouse software, it allows you to change the button settings, set macros and customise DPI. This all you really need, the Tt eSports software does it’s job even though it may not be the prettiest of all software design. In addition to the basic options, there is the lighting side where you can change the colours. There is seven colours available. There was no option to disable the pulsing effect of the Tt Logo.


The Level 10M is probably the most comfortable mouse I’ve had my hands on since the Cyborg RAT. A few hours of Battlefield 3, the ergonomics of the mouse reduced any discomfort from long sessions. The customisable DPI settings allows quick changes of sensitivity on the fly when switching from foot to tank. The DPI indicator on the mouse. Equipping the knife on the left big side button, I was able to instantly pull off instant kills without losing precious time. The responsiveness of the side buttons are perfect, they’re not deep or hard to push.

The only downside to the mouse is that the scroll wheel which feels somewhat cheapish than the overall mouse build quality. Scrolling it up and down just feels so in-precise. Mouse mid-range mouse had better wheels than this and it’s quite a shame since the rest of the mouse feels perfect. The other downside is the lack of weight adjustments. Some people prefer to add a little more heft to the mouse and it was disappointing to see this feature missing.

Final Words

The Tt eSports Level 10M Gaming Mouse design fits in directly with Thermaltake’s Level 10 name. Unique and ambitious. The in-built adjustments would sell instantly for gamers looking for the mouse with the right feel. While it does have some minor flaws with some aspects of the mouse functionality, the overall package is great. If you’re looking for something that looks unique and functions extremely well than it’s not hard to pass down on Tt eSports latest offering.


  • Unique design
  • Comfortable and Adjustable
  • Excellent Quality
  • Expensive
  • No Weight System
  • Ugliest Looking Software 

Thanks to Thermaltake for the review unit. You can purchase the mouse here