Ever wanted to have a Kangaroo as your mount in a massive-multiplayer online game to show your inner Aussie-pride? You can in Riders of Icarus, an action-adventure MMORPG where players master many types of wild beast and engage them in combat with unique abilities.

When I first saw Riders of Icarus upfront, I was keen on taming mounts like dragons which has been the highlight of the game in its trailers but what about the other mounts? Funny enough, I was brought to the attention of Australian-inspired mounts that are available in the game. Yes, we don’t really get much recognition in video games but it looks like the team at WeMade has added a few mounts that we can relate to, let’s have a look:

Woodland Joey – Elite Ground Type

Not only can you feast on one of Australia’s iconic animal but you can ride it in Riders of Icarus. The Woodland Joey – a kangaroo cat looking hybrid is a mount you can capture in-game. It’s a ground type that while passive can be hard to tame as they usually hang in packs and others can attack when you’re too busy focusing on one, so bring a friend just in-case you get a surprise kick to the face.


Albino Ashtail – Elite Flying Type

A common native bird, the Cockatoo is another Aussie-inspired animal you can mount in Riders of Icarus. The Albino Ashtail is pretty much a bigger version of the Cockatoo which obviously has to be because you need to ride on it. The Albino Ashtail is a pretty cool looking mount but I wonder how it would stack up against other flying creatures especially dragons. Nevertheless, you can always peck your way out of trouble.


Taslan the Devourer – Elite Ground Type

Not a fan of spiders? Well Australia is full of them, mostly venomous too. So it’s not surprising to see one in Riders of Icarus with a badass name as well. Taslan, the Devourer is one big spider and she could be yours in-game. It’s an elite enemy which is tamable but from reading stories about people trying to catch her, she’s protected by little spider enemies and her web slows players down. Sounds like a challenge!


So there you have it, Riders of Icarus has mounts actually inspired by actual Australian animals. The Free Open Beta begins July 6th (check out the Steam page here) if you’re interested to check out this new MMORPG and maybe tame yourself one of these creatures. We’ll be checking more of Riders of Icarus out in the future so look out.