Riot Games have today announced ‘Ocean Week’; an upcoming challenge to go live on League of Legend’s Oceanic servers this Friday, January 23rd. The challenge will include two rotations of free to play characters, skin sales, a whole lot of rewards and unlocks, as well as the chance to see a champion made in to a real life artificial reef!

If 275,000 points are reached by the end of the week long challenge Riot Oceanic will sink a statue of a League champion to the bottom of the ocean, creating an artificial reef. This reef will not only become a home for plenty of aquatic life, it will also bear the summoner names of the many players who contributed points toward it.

“We wanted to make something cool that players could contribute towards,” explains Mirko Gozzo, Country Manager for Riot Games Oceania.

We’ve been working with a marine biologist and an artificial reef company to make sure we create something that is good for the environment and means something to players.”

Vote to decide which champion gets sunk - Fizz, Nami or Nautilus!

Vote to decide which champion gets sunk – Fizz, Nami or Nautilus!

To contribute points and unlock rewards, all players need to do is to win a match a with one of the Ocean Week rotation characters, each win contributing one point to the community goals. Any player that contributes three or more points will have their summoner name recorded on the statue and the opportunity to vote on which character the statue ends up being – Fizz, Nami or Nautilus.

Points and rewards can be unlocked while playing Blind Pick, Team Builder or Twisted Treeline when the modes goes online. The rewards up for grabs include IP boosts, skins and mystery gifting upgrades, detailed in a Riot blog post here.

The challenge will run from Friday Jan 23rd to midnight on Friday Jan 30th, so make sure you’re ready to jump in and play a few games to help unlock the rewards!

More information on League of Legends and the Ocean Week challenge can be found on Riot Oceanic’s Community page.